S75CA Satellite Data and Video Receiver

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Supports CAS

Supports conditional access systems (CAS); A ll industry-standard CAMs, including single-channel consumer and professional multi-channel versions, up to 16 streams .


Efficient, flexible, best value on the market.


Modular, small footprint, drops into network design, easy to use, easy to monitor


  The S75CA pro­vides all the func­tions and fea­tures of the S75+ and S75-Pro receivers, plus it adds a DVB-Compliant con­di­tional access Com­mon Inter­face (DVB-CI) slot. The inclu­sion of the DVB-CI slot pro­vides a cost-effective means to pro­vide com­pat­i­bil­ity with the vast major­ity of DVB con­di­tional access systems. The S75CA is ide­ally suited as a video aggre­ga­tion point for your IPTV net­work where dis­tri­b­u­tion over LAN is desired and the con­tent is scram­bled with a DVB con­di­tional access sys­tem. The S75CA is typ­i­cally deployed along side the S75-Pro into head-end net­works such as hotel or cruise ship info­tain­ment, IPTV ser­vice, or cable TV ser­vice head ends.