DVB-S2 Satellite IPTV Receiver Router

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Video Streaming Appliance

Supports both single program transport streams and multi-program transport streams.


Efficient, flexible, best value on the market.


Modular, small footprint, drops into network design, easy to use, easy to monitor


Based on Novra’s latest generation hardware platform, the enhanced features of the S300V extend your DVB-S2 performance by expanding operation down to 100Ksps and up to 16 APSK; by increasing data throughput to 80 Mbps; and by handling complex multi-stream VCM signals with embedded Input Stream Identifier (ISI) Filtering. The S300V is designed for use as a video streaming streaming appliance. It provides a user-friendly graphical user interface, that only requires the selection of the desired program (from the displayed Program Listing) and the destination IP address/port. The S300V provides the flexibility to choose which Audio and Teletext PID’s to be include with the stream, and will re-generate the PAT to support Single Program Transport Streams (SPTS) or Multi-Program Transport Streams (MPTS).The S300V may be used to deliver IP-based applications, but is ideally suited to applications that involve the
aggregation and distribution of MPEG-2 programming. Typical applications include: hotel or cruise ship
infotainment, IPTV head-ends, corporate LAN’s and cable network head-ends.