EUMETSAT Approved - DVB-S2 satellite data receiver and IP multicast router

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Fully qualified to receive the EUMETSAT weather data services.  


Efficient, flexible, best value on the market.


  Convenient EUMETSAT configuration files available for download from our website.


The S300E has been developed to ensure reliable reception of EUMETSAT weather data services. Key attributes of the S300E include: - Supports for DVB-S2 VCM/ACM operation, including multi-stream VCM with ISI ltering - DVB-S2 operation to 32 APSK, - Throughput to 80 Mbps. The S300E lets you choose your demodulation technique, supporting QPSK, 8PSK, 16APSK, and 32 APSK over a variety of coding rates. Compatibility with the DVB-S2 standard enables you to take advantage of the signicant efficiency gains when compared with DVB-S. Installation of the S300E is easy and noninvasive, as the client does not need to be opened, nor are any drivers required. The S300E works with any OS and makes the received IP data available to any client on the LAN.