IP encapsulators and DVB data receivers for a variety of applications


The right configuration for your application


Field-proven for long-life in rugged conditions


Works out of the box using standard interfaces

About this solution

Novra’s extensive experience in satellite and terrestrial data broadcasting, especially multicast IP, combined with a function-focused product line, enable Novra to integrate end-to-end custom solutions for a wide range of datacasting applications.

Novra provides a line of DVB satellite and ATSC terrestrial data receivers as well as IP encapsulators. These products are suited for enterprise use in networks ranging in size from small, to medium, to very large.

Applications include any IP based delivery of files and streams—distance education, software updates, emergency warning systems—anyone who needs reliable delivery of data to remote sites.

When used as standalone appliances, Novra datacasting products provide the low-level access to the DVB transport streams required by embedded or custom applications.

Novra products provide: secure gateways, datacasting to individual IP addresses or IP networks, access resolution through Conditional Access protocols, caching, backups, scheduled delivery and playout for visual displays, and more. All services are managed by an intuitive graphical interface.

Novra will work with you to optimize a network to meet your data distribution challenges.