Digital Signage

Novralink software, hardware, and managed services for digital signage delivery to retail, health-care, hospitality, banking, education, and corporate networks

Integrated Content Management

Powerful tools let you manage campaigns in support of your business model

Flexible: internet, satellite, or hybrid operation

Choose the delivery network that best meets your needs

Simple, out-of-the-box solution

Easy-to-use cloud-based management and distribution of multimedia content

About this solution

Digital Signage Media Distribution/Management Solutions

Advertising messages and video content can be customized to specific demographics making your advertising dollar more effective, resulting in increased sales, higher value purchases. and an enhanced brand experience for the consumer. With NovraLink you can:

  • Deliver content very quickly and timely for rapid-reaction promotions.
  • Create your own cost-effective corporate television channel.
  • Create your own music video jukebox service.
  • Cut distribution costs over traditional means of advertising.
  • Deliver consistent and controlled content from one central office to all destinations.
  • Guarantee Quality-of-Service to ensure reliable delivery of streams and data.

NovraLink is a truly end-to-end system for Digital Signage Distribution and Content Management. We offer more than just a software package, that leaves you to source the appropriate hardware for your solution. We offer pre-configured appliance type Media Players and Content Distribution Servers that work out of the box for you. Our Content Manager application will allow you to easily manage your digital signage network, schedule your content for distribution, and assign the appropriate content to the correct displays or group(s) of displays. All this backed by our highly experienced support staff, who have a breadth of technology skills and are really friendly too!

From a central control office that can be located virtually anywhere, NovraLink can serve up product advertising audio/video clips, time-sensitive promotion information, branded TV, and entertainment to each display across the network.